day hiking in the cuyahoga valley national park

Day Hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Hey everyone, I visited the Cuyahoga Valley in the late spring of this year (2016). I want to share my experiences of the unique National Park — located south of the Cleveland area in Ohio. It was fun to see the geological rock formations, called the Ledges. I saw an amazing view on top of the overlook nearby the Ledges — looking west at the Cuyahoga Valley.

It was a warm sunny day with some light rain later in the afternoon. I enjoyed day hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Now, I’ll go into more detail of what I experienced…

Boston Run Trail

After driving to the National Park, I arrived at the Boston Run Trailhead parking area. I hiked the full 3.1 mile loop in a counter clockwise direction. While hiking at Cuyahoga, I was recording with my camcorder — it was my first time using it, so the video angles wasn’t my best. Note to self: look at the viewfinder screen next time. Anyways, you can watch my hiking video, near the end of this blog. Also, I took amazing pictures too, as shown throughout this blog.

day hiking in the cuyahoga valley national park

Where was I, oh yes. The terrain was easy to moderate — with steep uphills and downhills. I remember seeing nice views, through the trees, at certain points. It appeared, I was the only one on the trail, at that time. It was a interesting 1.5 hour hike. Thank god for my two water bottles, I carried. I got back to the trailhead and took a short break before heading onto the Haskell Run Trail.

Cuyahoga Boston Run Trail

Haskell Run Trail

The Boston Run Trail was done, now I went hiking on the Haskell Run Trail. This trail had a very steep downward hill — I went down that hill fast. I was glad to be at the bottom of the trail. I continued on the trail for a very short distance and I turned onto the Ledges Trail.

Download Boston Run & Haskell Run Trail Maps

The Ledges Trail

So, now I finally made it to the Ledges Trail. This trail was the highlight of my day hiking adventure. The total length of this trail is 1.8 miles. I headed in a clockwise direction. I encountered people very often, as the Ledges, are very popular. The unique rock formations called the Ledges was cool and very interesting. It was a mostly easy hike.

Cuyahoga Ledges

There were occasional openings on the Ledges — so, I walked into one of the openings, that had two rock formations on both sides. But, it was a one way path and I needed to go back. After that, I continued on the trail, enjoying the interesting tall Ledges, as I passed.

The Overlook

Eventually, I arrived at the overlook, right off the trail. It was an amazing experience, seeing the Cuyahoga Valley below, from a higher elevation. I took some amazing pictures, to share with all of you. After 10 minutes of relaxing and enjoying the view — I continued on the Ledges Trail. Again as I walked the trail, I was enjoying the cool rock formations.

Cuyahoga Overlook

The Side Trails

Eventually, I took a side trail, that took me inwards and upwards between the Ledges. It was kinda like a rock staircase. Inside the center of the Ledges Trail, were mostly trees. After a short while, I made my way to a step pathway, that took me back onto the main trail. At this point, I made it back to the start of the Ledges Trail.

Download Ledges Trail Map

Back to the Trailhead

So, I was finished with the Ledges Trail — I needed to again, walk up the steep uphill on the Haskell Run Trail. I remember being so exhausted, once I reached the top. But, I was relieved, to be done — with only a quarter of a mile to the trailhead. After a short walk, I made it to my car, and needed water to drink. With that in mind, my story ends.

You can watch my day hiking video of the Cuyahoga Valley below:


The Cuyahoga Valley is a great National Park. I know there are more things to see, but I’ll come back sometime down the road. It’s only a three hour drive, for me. The Ledges Trail was the best part of my day trip. The overlook was amazing too. It would look so amazing in the fall.

Cuyahoga Ledges

The Boston Run Trail was great in itself — more solitude on this trail. Anyways, thanks for reading my blog. Until next time, start your own hiking adventure and embrace the outdoors!


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What Are Your Thoughts on the Cuyahoga Valley?
Have you been to the Cuyahoga Valley? If so, I would love to hear your story. If you have any other questions or comments about my visit to the National Park, please leave them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to respond.



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