heading to red river gorge

Heading to Red River Gorge – In Kentucky

Hey everyone, how’s it going. My name is Mike — if you don’t know already. I pretty much just started this blog website and therefore I’m sure no one knows about it just yet. But next week, the day after Halloween, I’m heading to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. It’s in the Daniel Boone National Forest. I’m doing an overnight, two day trip — just one night of camping.

My Exciting Plan

I’m leaving from the Detroit area and heading down there — it’s about 400 miles and a 6 hour drive. Not too hard of a drive. I’m leaving before the early morning rush and arriving at Red River Gorge around 9 am.

Here’s How I’ll Get to Red River Gorge:

Once I arrive, I’ll stop at the Gladie Visitor Center to get a 3 day pass and proceed to the trailhead and start the hike. I’m planning to take my time and enjoy the hike and see the views. I think I’ll be doing 10–12 miles on day one.

Here’s the Trailhead Location (37.823101, -83.628181):

Amazing Things to See

I plan on seeing Grays Arch — an amazing big rock arch over the trail. That’s why the area is known as Red River Gorge — because of the rock cliffs, arches, and the gorge. Then I’ll find a place to camp and continue on the trail back to the trailhead. So about maybe 5–8 miles on day two. Then I’ll take the 6 hour journey back home — and eventually blog about my backpacking adventure in the Red River Gorge.

Great Weather

The weather is looking great for this time of year — highs near 80. It seems there’s a warm front next week compared to the cooler weather this week. So, I’m heading there and hope to have a great time seeing the views and experiencing the outdoors.

Red River Gorge Arch

Yes, I’m a Newbie to Backpacking

I’m happy and honest to say, I’m new to backpacking, and this would be my first experience camping overnight. It’s going to be fun, but since it’s my first time camping overnight, I’ll be out of my comfort zone somewhat — as I never did camping outside before. Yes, I have never done it.

Other than that, it’s autumn and therefore the foliage should have amazing colors — I think, unless it’s past peak over there. I’m really looking forward to the awesome changes of color.

Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge: Here I Come

So, this trip is going to be exciting and I’m looking forward to getting on the trail. Like I said, the weather is looking great. The Red River Gorge is such a beautiful area and at this time of year — it should be amazing. I’m hoping that this backpacking trip will be amazing and I hope to get the experience of camping. But, I’m pretty sure I will have a great experience down in Red River Gorge with hiking and camping.

What Do You Think About My Backpacking Trip?
If you went backpacking or hiking in the Red River Gorge, I would love to hear your experience. If you have any questions or comments about my upcoming trip, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond.



I enjoy backpacking in the backcountry and experiencing the outdoors — even more so in complete solitude. I write reviews for backpacking gear and blog about my hiking adventures, as often as I can. If you want me to write a review for any particular backpacking gear, let me know in the comments below. Start your own backpacking adventure and embrace the outdoors!


  • Norman

    It is so wonderful when you’re along with your family, could just get up and go and take a vacation, not to some crowded city, but to the country where there is peace and quietness. Nothing like connecting and becoming one with nature. It is amazing how becoming one with nature can bring such peace and calm, it is good for the soul. Thanks for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

    • Hey Norman,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, nothing beats peace and quiet in the backcountry and you never have to wait in line to see an amazing view. I agree, being in the country is great for your energy or soul.


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